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    UAT Issues Status


    I updated AS UAT issues list. Current Status is, We need more information for 6 issues. And we are working on remaining 4 issues. I could not test NPAC & Lotus Notes related changes on 24-01-2015 in SIT environment due to slow internet connection.

    Updated following script in both SIT & UAT environment for IDMS0213 issue (Shortname, Mailfile and Internet address of user should all be in small letters and follow the rules).

    update DI_M_ConfigurationMaster set ConfigValue = 300 where ConfigKey = 'SharedAccountMailQuota'
    update DI_M_ConfigurationMaster set ConfigValue = 20 where ConfigKey = 'MailQuotaThreshold'

    Please let me know your feedback and further changes.

    I attached AS UAT Issues List as on 25th Jan 2015 evening. PFA. Same file placed in dropbox also. Dropbox location is \Dropbox\DI\VJ\SP Issues\.
    Current status is, 11 Pending Issues there. In that we need more information for 6. We are working on remaining 5 issues.
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    Re: UAT Issues Status

    Is there a question in there somewhere?

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