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    In no area of human endeavour

    The sentence says "In no area of human endeavor is forgetfulness more the norm than it is in education."

    I know endeavor means to try hard, or an attempt (but here it feels like 'Activity')
    Forgetfulness is to frequently forget stuff
    The norm is the normal, standard

    However I find the order of the words odd & strange and what is "more the norm than"? I am used to "more than" or "more + adjective +than" but a noun, that's new!...

    So can anybody explains this type of writing 'style'?
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    Re: I don't understand this sentence composition

    Welcome, Rami Magdi,

    You can consider "the norm" as normal, common or conventional.

    More "this" than "that" is a very common construction in English.

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    Re: In no area of human endeavour

    Welcome to the forum, Rami Magdi.

    Please note that I have changed your thread title. All thread titles should include some or all of the words/phrases you are querying.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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