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    ensure increases

    Hi, someone wanted me to upload entire paragraph so there are below.
    I can't understand what "would ensure" means. I think it should be like "tips would increase with the cost of living"
    Could you explain shortly?


    I've noticed that some of my friends tip as much as 50 percent. Even new tipping "apps" have calculation options up to 50 percent. I thought that, if the service was outstanding, 20 percent was more than generous. Am I behind the times or just a cheapskate?

    Your friends are very generous to people who are woefully underpaid. And as employers knowingly underpay them, expecting the customers to make up the difference, everyone in the industry has an interest in raising the rates.
    I would have thought that using percentages to calculate tips would ensure increases with the cost of living. However, as you know, the usual rate has crept up to 20 percent, with something more or less depending on the type of establishment.
    She has no wish to discourage additional largesse. But the heart and the wallet dictate that, not by etiquette.

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    Re: ensure increases

    Another duplicate thread. Please add your quote to this thread.

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