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    3 or three

    Dear teachers,

    I was wondering when should I use 3 or "three" in my writing?



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    Re: 3 or three

    Dean, it depends on the context. Click here.

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    Re: 3 or three

    Thanks Casiopea ,

    Best Regards,


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    Re: 3 or three

    I'd like to pick up on some of the points in the "notes on usage" section:

    1. "Repeat numbers in legal or commercial writing." This is a common practice, but nearly always unnecessary, especially if the document is intended for "general consumption" as it were. It really is not necessary to write "Please allow three (3) working days for delivery", for example. This practice should be reserved for sensitive documents that must be protected against manipulation.

    2. "Write out numbers beginning sentences." Not if you have a number like 64.43: "Sixty-four point four three percent of the subjects said Yes." Yuk.


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