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    Were dance and dance


    I would like to ask a good soul to explain to me why in the lyrics the singer sings "were dance and dance" instead of "we dance and dance". It sounds incorrect, for my money.

    So many things we have
    why don't you stay with me tonight?
    I'm trying to discover you
    together again for all the night.
    There's something going on right now

    feelin' happy
    feel the moon.
    Let's get closer

    'cause we're dance and dance.
    All my friends are talking to me
    what's this love I see.
    I know you can make it right. I'm still waiting now

    Waiting for the love I need.
    If you want me too there's something don't understand.
    I don't know.

    So many things we have
    why don't you stay with me tonight? . . .

    Valerie Dore, The Night, 1984

    Thanks if you try to help me.

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    Re: Were dance and dance

    I am not a teacher.

    Popular song lyrics are never a reference for good grammar at the best of times. Add to that the fact that Valerie Dore is a stage name for an Italian singer, what do you expect?

    I'm only joking. I listened to the song here and I don't hear "we're", I hear 'we'. Another thing I don't hear is the word 'baby' immediately before that line in the song. It sounds like 'bay' with an echo effect added, Now, this is almost certainly supposed to be 'baby' but if you look at her singing, you can clearly see that she doesn't close her lips at the end of the word, so there is no way she is pronouncing 'baby'.

    If you got these lyrics from a lyrics website, you should know that they are almost always contributed by the public (from any and all possible origins) and are often wrong. This song was popular in Italy and other parts of southern Europe so the lyrics were probably provided by a non-native speaker. I have corrected lyrics in the past and it takes a long time for the corrections to become visible.

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