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Thread: Borded up

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    Question Borded up

    Hi friends! My name is Johanna from Nicaragua. I am student English II. I want that somebody help me , please.

    I couldn`t find the word :borded up in the dicctionary. This word is used in the next sentence:

    The laundomat downstair had been boarded up, it hat been robbed two days ago.

    What does mean ? Destroyed the doors?

    I hope to have some answer, thanks


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    Re: Borded up

    "Boarded up" indicates that a business or home has been abandoned and is no longer used. Literally, it means that the windows and doors have had wooden boards nailed over them, so that vandals cannot enter once the property has been abandoned.

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    Re: Borded up

    Dear Ouisch:

    Thanks very much!
    My native languague is Spanish, my second languague is Russian and I hope to learn very well the third languague English.

    Have a nice day


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    Re: Borded up

    Welcome, DelmaCherry.


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