Hello ALL! =)

I decided to do the cambridge exam this year.. but now I'm in doubt between CAE and CPE, here's why:

in CAE and CPE exams, when someone falls short of GRADE C, it's possible to achieve a corresponding lower degree. I mean, B2 in case of CAE, and C1 in case of CPE.

I live in Brazil, and I just want to prove my english skills. My goal is actually C1, so I thought: Why not take the CPE and, in the worst-case scenario, achieve C1 in CPE?

1st Question: This achievement could be seen as an haples/ungrateful accomplishment?

The price of the exams are about the same and I'm getting around 70% in samples in the section Reading and Use of English, that represents 40% of the exam!

In my reasoning, C1 in CPE could "mean more" than grade C in CAE, just because the CPE exam is harder.

2nd Question: Do you think this guy got a CPE grade C? My accent is much better than that!

Cambridge official CPE oral exam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-zh_rPNaqU

I will really appreciate your comments!!!