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    Subjunctive mood

    Hello everyone!
    I am trying to identity the mood in this sentences
    1.-If I had known it I would......
    2.-I wish I had been there.
    3.-He could drive a car before he learned how to ride a bike.
    4.-It never snowed before he came.

    Are these sentences examples of the subjunctive mood?

    Can you please clarify this for me?

    As you may have already noticed my English is not that good

    Thanks in advanced
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    Re: Subjunctive mood

    I would use 'learning' instead of 'learned'. I deem 'came' the past tense instead of the past subjunctive here.

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: Subjunctive mood

    1. That looks like a third conditional. Some would call it "past perfect subjunctive".

    2. That is a "wish conditional/subjunctive".

    Neither 3 or 4 are subjunctives.

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