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    Lightbulb What is the meaning of "Spaz" in this sentence?

    Hey guys, hope you are OK.

    I was watching a TV series called "Allegiance" and I've heard this word in the following context, I know the literal meaning, I just don't get the point of whole sentence.

    Mother of a boy and a girl, had a car accident with her husband. When the son saw his mother, he said: mom, where is your car? Mom said: in the shop.
    Then his little sister said: Mom had a car accident with father.
    Son (brother): Why?
    little sister: I don't know, Mom's a spaz and father enables her.
    Brother: Enables her?

    I don't understand the meaning of underlined part. What does "enables her" mean here?
    Does she mean, mom is paralyzed and father helps her to do her things or something? But they are all healthy. I'm confused.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: What is the meaning of "Spaz" in this sentence?

    Spaz means spastic. It's a very impolite term for somone with spastic diplegia or cerebral palsy - which you can look up.
    The term is sometimes used for people who are just naturally clumsy. You shouldn't use it.
    "Enabling" can mean encouraging, but sometimes in a bad way.

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    Re: What is the meaning of "Spaz" in this sentence?

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Farshad:

    Here in the United States, the noun enabler is often used.

    In the case of your story, it seems that Dad always makes excuses for Mom's poor driving habits.

    Dad may be an enabler in the sense that he always takes Mom's side in every problem.

    For example, if Mom's car hits another car, Dad might say: "The other driver was at fault."

    For example, if Mom's car runs out of gas, Dad might say: "Your mother has a lot of worries, so she was not paying attention to the amount of gas in the car."

    For example, if Mom receives a parking ticket from the police, Dad might say: "It's not your fault. Those parking signs are so difficult to understand."

    If Dad were NOT an enabler, he might say something like: "Now, darling, it is time that you learn to be a responsible driver. Let me give you some advice."

    Of course, the word "enabler" is usually applied to more serious matters. If someone does something bad, and you help that person to continue doing that bad thing, then you are considered an enabler.


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