Hi, would it be possible to check my cover letter for erasmus studies?
Thanks in advance!!

Dear Sir or Madame,

With to this cover letter, I would like to express my interest for studying in Postgraduate Double Degree program at the Grenoble …cole de Management.

Currently I am a student in first year of Masterís Degree in Economics and Management study program at Czech University of Life Sciences. I also study second year of Bachelorís Degree at Institute of Education and Communication in study program Specialization in Pedagogy (teaching of vocational subjects).

I would really honor the opportunity to be possibly accepted for Double Degree program and get the chance to prove and deepen my language skills, communication knowledge and personal qualities. This study program is also a great chance, which could help me in future career prospective.

I have been learning English as a foreign language since age of eight. As a second foreign language I have chosen French, which I have been learning for 8 years. From last year I have decided to choose English as a main language of my studies to make my knowledge deeper and communication in this language more efficient. Anyway study in Czech Republic canít substitute the experience of studying in foreign language in a foreign country and that is the reason why I would study abroad, concretely in France. Study in France would be for me the most perfect opportunity how to strength my language skills as in English as in French, by not only studying but also by everyday communication. As abroad university I have decided for Grenoble …cole de Management in France. One of main reason is that this university claims the truly international and multicultural environment, where would be possible to find new approaches in education and communication and also the way of processing information with improvement of managerial skills. The fact that university study program Master in International Business belongs to the top Master in Management universities in the world ranked by Financial Times just confirms great reputation and the rightness of my decision.

This study program is for me the unique opportunity how to enrich not only my curriculum vitae, but my life at all. The experience that I could gain by studying in France would be really valuable for my personal development and future studies as well.

I would be very grateful if you consider my application and give me a chance to participate in the Double Degree Erasmus program and by this way represent our university.

Thank you very much in advanced for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,