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Thread: grammar check

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    grammar check

    Hi guys,

    I would be very happy if someone can check my paragraph.

    The reading passage and the lecture are about tidal power and its affects. Tidal power is a form of an alternative energy. The reading passage says tidal power can supply energy to other areas which do not have enough energy because of diminishing fossil fuel reserves. However, the lecture states it can provide energy at regional level if they are not at good location. Due to the passage tidal power is non-polluting and do not release greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The lecture points out that the quality of water will change. It will affect the environment so local wild life is affected too. Birds and aquatic fish have problems because of these changes. Even an entire habitat may be destroyed or disappeared. Birds may have difficulties to adopt the new environment. Fish cannot migrate freely through river and sea. There will be gates. They will not pass barage. They cannot move freely between salt and fresh water. Generally, renewable energy means it is helpful for economy. Moreover, the lecture says tidal power has an expensive design. In addition, people live in that area cannot be able to navigate their fishing boats. The economy will be influenced by the changes in the local area.

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    Re: grammar check

    What is the purpose of your paragraph? When will you submit it for grading?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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