Hi everyone !

in one part of the application for the teacher training course that I'm willing to apply for, I'm asked to briefly state the reason why I feel that doing a teacher training course is the right choice for me. taking into consideration that I'm still a learner/student with a bachelor degree in Linguistics as well as I've never had any experience in teaching..
here's my answer:

I'm really interested in becoming a future teacher and I feel that the teacher training course would be very beneficial and helpful for me, because it will give me the chance to experience and to be informed of the methodology and the qualities that makes a qualified teacher. as well as to be aware of the convenient methods to follow in teaching and conveying information to pupils.

I feel that the way I've replied with is very weak and does not show that I'm eagerly interested in this course as in becoming a future teacher so PLEASE COULD ANYONE CHECK THIS FOR ME ( Grammar - relevance - punctuation ... )