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    make sure (about) whether


    - She wants to make sure whether you wrote sentences in a correct way or not.
    - She wants to make sure about whether you wrote sentences in a correct way or not.
    - She wants to make sure that you wrote sentences in a correct way.

    I would like to ask if we must use 'whether / about whether' after 'make sure' or not. I think we can use them but I am not that sure.


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    Re: make sure (about) whether

    In every case you you should use "the" or "your" before sentences. Having said that I think they are all acceptable. From most to least natural, my preference is 3, 2 and 1.

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    Re: make sure (about) whether

    I am not fond of "make sure about whether...or not" or "make sure whether... or not". When you say "whether...or not" there is built-in uncertainty.

    I prefer #3.

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