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Thread: all night long

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    all night long

    Could you help? My friend, a third grade teacher, just asked me if I could help her correct a sentence one of her students had written. The student wrote, "I played on my playstation all night long. I can't remember what to label "all night long". The student had everything else labeled corrected. I - subject pronoun, played - verb, on - preposition, my - possessive pronoun adjective, playstation - noun, object of the preposition What is "all night long" and should all night be hyphenated (all-night)?

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

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    Re: all night long

    Welcome to the forum.

    We're reluctant here to answer questions asked on behalf of a third party. We suspect it's often a ruse to trick us into doing homework.

    Please ask your 'friend' to join the forum and ask the question herself.

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