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    Question "Putting limits on your thinking is/are never good"


    The following is a statement from Tim Cook (Apple's CEO).

    "It's just sort of an old dogma, I think, that was cooked up by somebody. Steve did a lot of things for us over the years, but one of the things he ingrained in us: that putting limits on your thinking are never good."

    Should it be 'is never good' or is 'are never good' correct here?

    Thank you

    What is worse than biting an apple and finding a worm inside? Biting an apple and finding half a worm inside. :)

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    Re: "Putting limits on your thinking is/are never good"

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    I agree with you, Olympian:

    Apparently, Mr. Cook let the word "limits" guide his decision.

    If he had had more time to consider his choice, he would have remembered that the subject is "putting." Of course, he would NEVER say: "Putting are never good."

    For example, I am sure that he would NEVER say something like: "Putting apples in your children's lunches are a smart thing to do."


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