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    Question Compound terms used as adjectives.

    Hello, teachers. Thank you for your attention and help!

    1) What is the grammatical name of the function of using compound terms as adjectives? Example: a 4-year old child.

    2) May I use a verb this way? Example: a food that contains wheat -> a wheat-containing food.

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    Re: Compound terms used as adjectives.

    1) It's an adjectival phrase.

    2) You can, but in this case it would be 'a wheat-based food'.

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    Re: Compound terms used as adjectives.

    I'm not sure I agree with Rover's second point. A food which contains wheat might not be based on wheat. For me, a wheat-based food is one in which the main ingredient is wheat. There are plenty of foods which have wheat listed amongst the ingredients but their main ingredients are non-wheat.
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