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    owing to/ becasue of/ due to

    The food supply remains more or less constant, (owing to/because of/ due to) the lack of any noteworthy breakthroughs in agricultural technology.

    Would anyone tell the differences between these phrases? Thank you.

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    Re: owing to/ becasue of/ due to

    I am not a teacher.

    In modern English, the differences between them have all but vanished.

    It used to be insisted upon that 'due to' be used adjectivally and 'owing to' adverbially,
    e.g. 'His ill health is due to excessive smoking', 'His health deteriorated owing to heavy smoking', but I don't think anyone cares anymore.

    'Because' is a conjunction, so 'because of' could replace 'owing to' in the example above.

    In your sentence you could use 'owing to' or 'because of', but many people would say that all three are OK.

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    Re: owing to/ becasue of/ due to

    yslamac, see also the Similar Threads below.

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