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    A synonym of ad-lib that sounds like "lippy loo", which I can't recognize in a video.

    Here,, at 3:25, the voice actor said the following line: I'm gonna do a little "lippy loo".
    I cannot recognize the last word. Therefore, I'd like to ask if someone can suggest what it might be. The subtitles translated from the Japanese dub say it's "ad-lib". That also fits the content of later conversation, so I figure that "lippy loo" must be a synonym of "ad-lib".
    Thank you all so very much.
    Please notify me of any mistakes in my posts. It is much appreciated.

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    Re: A synonym of ad-lib that sounds like "lippy loo", which I can't recognize in a vi

    I'm wondering if the character actually said "loopy-loo" but her accent made it sound like "lippy"? It's just a thought, since after she said it she proceeded to fly off and do some unscripted (according to her partner) spins and twists and turns. ("Loopy-loop" is just a variation of "loop-de-loop", which is a term used to describe something - usually an airplane, or a paper airplane - performs circles in the air.)

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    Re: A synonym of ad-lib that sounds like "lippy loo", which I can't recognize in a vi

    I think Jill hit the nail on the head at the end of her post. If you watch the "circle in the air" move that the character does afterwards, it makes sense that what she should have said was "I'm going to a do a little loop-the-loop" (that's what it's called in BrE). Maybe it was a misunderstanding on the part of the person who did the speech - perhaps she simply misunderstood what she was supposed to say. It is just possible that somewhere in the world "lippy loo" is used to mean the same thing but I've never heard it.
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