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    Making fun of our mistakes!

    Hey everyone! I think everyone makes mistakes and when learning a new language some of these mistakes can be extremely entertaining. I've been learning foreign languages for a while and I can tell you I have made some beauties.
    For example while in Japan I wanted to comment how my mother in law had such a large and spacious cupboard (oshiirei) but i pronounced this word slightly incorrectly and said (oshiri) which means "behind". So anyway my wife had a good laugh at my expense. But hey, I remember my mistake and have learnt from it plus I have a funny story to tell!
    Anyone else got any good ones?

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    Re: Making fun of our mistakes!

    Uhm, well, yeah. While swimming at a beach in Okayama-ken, Japan, I noticed what appeared to be 40 million jelly-fish floating around me. As I hastily paddled my plastic raft to shore, I frantically call out to all the swimmers around me, "KA-RA-GE! KA-RA-GE!" <deep-fried chicken balls!> Ahem, I should have said, "Kurage!" <Jelly-fish!> Or, is it the other way around?

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    Re: Making fun of our mistakes!

    Making mistakes whilst learning a new language is part and parcel of the fun (if you can laugh at yourself, that is).
    One of my wildest mistakes in German was "Der Soldat schiesst" which means "The soldier shoots", but by changing the vowels around I proudly told the class that "Der Soldat scheisst" (The soldier sh*ts") much to the general mirth of the rest of the class.
    When I was at high school, I wrote one of the best howlers my english teacher had seen: "Unlike some of his contemporaries, Monte Cristo was a real Count." Sadly I'd forgot the first vowel in Count!
    Oh well.
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    Re: Making fun of our mistakes!

    Hamburg! How wonderful your words. Your faux pas reminds me of a similar example. In this case, "o" was added, not omitted:

    "Hamlet's father was hoovering in the background."

    Hoover (noun) a vacuum cleaner;
    hoover (verb) to vacuum.
    hover (verb) to remain in one place in the air.

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