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    what is an e-mac ?

    The sentence : "it's an e-mac, it's e-mac. It's slippery. It's delicious, but it's treacherous."

    The context : Some sort of pizza fell on the floor and a woman has slipped on it. A man tell her that as he is trying to help her to stand up.

    Does "e-mac" mean some food ordered by phone or mail ?

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    Re: what is an e-mac ?

    "by email" not "by mail"

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    Re: what is an e-mac ?

    Nobody knows ?

    Another mystery : What means the expression "to a crisp" in the sentence "They already burnt the poor thing at stake... to a crisp."

    A man says that as he is looking at embarrassing headlines for his friend. "They" refers to the press.

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    Re: what is an e-mac ?

    Is the scene you described with the e-mac from a movie? TV show? or book?

    "To a crisp" means burned until black or brown, beyond recognition. In your example, it's used as a metaphor - the press has apparently written some disparaging things about this person, and she feels "burned" or humiliated, exposed and betrayed.

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    Re: what is an e-mac ?

    Thank you. Now "to a crisp" is clear.

    The scene I described is from a movie. I translate american television series in french.


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