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    Negation Strength

    excerpted from chapter 11 of "The Servants of Twilight" by Dean Koontz

    Few people had that effect on her. Damned few. Especially men. In the past, when she had relied upon men, her faith had not always—or even usually—been well placed. However, instinct told her that Charlie Harrison was different from most other men and that she would not regret placing her trust in him.

    My Questions :
    1. Is 'had not always been well placed' partial negation? How about 'not even usually' in this sentence?
    2. Between 'her faith had not always been well placed' and 'her faith had not even usually been well placed', which sentence is stronger in negation?

    I thank you in advance.

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    Re: Negation Strength

    "Not even usually" is stronger than "Not always". "Not always" might mean 80 - 99% of times (roughly). "Not even usually" means less than 50%.
    I guess you could call it partial negation.

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