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    Fighting, fighting ...


    The text I would like to ask somebody to help me with is as follows:

    "Be careful, you fool!" shrieked Dr. Kassimere, frenziedly, his calm dropping from him like a cloak and a new and dreadful light coming into the staring eyes.

    But he was too late. Dillon's foot had caught the pedestal. With a resounding crash the thing overturned; as Dr. Kassimere sprang forward, he slipped in the slimy stream that was pouring over the laboratory floor--and fell....

    Laying Phryné upon the altar, her head resting against the age-worn communion rails, Dillon turned and closed the secret door dividing the house of God from the house of Satan. One glimpse, in the red furnace glow, he had of Dr. Kassimere, writhing upon the slimy floor, shrieking, blaspheming--and fighting, fighting madly, as a man fights for life and more than life....

    He had not yet carried the unconscious girl beyond the dining-room, when, above that other smell, he detected the odour of burning wood. A fire had broken out in the laboratory."

    Sax Rohmer, The Master Of The Hollow Grange, 1924

    It may sound ridicilous but I am not sure if the bad character was fighting the spilled slimy material (probably some devilish substance, it is a horror story) or he was simply figting, unable to get off the slimy material on the ground, trying to get to his feet and escape the burning room.

    Thank you for help.
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    Re: Fighting, fighting ...

    It's not clear to me what it means.

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    Re: Fighting, fighting ...

    It's unclear to me too, but I would incline towards it being a man struggling to get up desperately from the slimy floor in a race against time.

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