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    What is the meaning of 'force or persuasion' in the narrative?

    In 509BCE, Rome was a small village. But as time went on--through force or persuasionóRome controlled almost the entire Italian peninsula by 247BCE. In fact, by the second century of the Common Era, Rome developed into the greatest western empire of the ancient world. Many of our technological achievements, our ideas about law and government, and the words we use can be traced to the ancient Romans.

    I looked up the dictionary already. But, am still not certain what the appropriate meanings are for 'force' and persuasion in this paragraph. For 'force', i can reason it such as the deployment of military troop to conquer or to defend. For 'persuasion', can I reason it such as diplomatic negotiation to consolidate the lands from others to expand?

    many thanks for help in advance!

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    Re: What is the meaning of 'force or persuasion' in the narrative?

    Your conclusions are correct.

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