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    Lightbulb What is the meaning of "go on a sting" in this sentence?

    Hey guys, hope you all are doing great.

    I was watching a movie called "Life Partners" and I couldn't understand some of the sentences they said.
    One of them is in the following context:

    A: I had an intense day at work.
    B: What was intense about it?
    A: I went on a sting today, took down a board on a 4chan.
    B: What is 4chan?
    A: 4chan's an anonymous message board. Used to be an image hosting site. Now it's a hotbed
    for pedophilia. Crazy. Disturbing.

    I don't understand the meaning of underlined parts, unfortunately there is no more context in the movie which is about these sentences, I mean the next sentence is totally about something else.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: What is the meaning of "go on a sting" in this sentence?

    A "sting" is when the authorities go undercover to gather evidence against criminals. Like when the FBI go online and act like teenage girls to lure predators.

    It's setting up an opportunity for a person to break the law and then arresting them for doing so.

    By "took down a board" they mean they removed an internet message board that was facilitating this criminal activity.

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