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  1. Confused student

    Post confusing sentences

    I am a History Elementary School teacher at a non-English speaking school in Asia. Our school is encouraging its pupils to use English in their daily conversation. Below is a copy of what I wrote.I need help to see whether the sentences are correct grammatically.Suggestions are much to be desired.

    First sentence :

    It is very sad that the Education Ministry has introduced many reading programmes to help students our students become life-long readers and yet when students want to register for the literature paper the school administrators are reluctant to allow their students to sit for the paper.

    Second sentence :

    Yet school principals do not seem to appreciate an important subject as literature. All they seem to worry about are the grades these candidates will eventually get and how this will affect the performance of their schools.

    Third sentence ( a memo that I wrote)

    Attached is the latest copy of the history examination question paper for our Basic Level students. I have recapitulated several questions to ensure clarity and fairness to students. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the gamut of the examination questions is strictly within the ambit of our prevailing syllabus.Nothing has gone beyond this syllabus.

    Finally, should the above-mentioned matter require further clarification, you are welcome to discuss with me.

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    Re: confusing sentences

    Some suggestions:
    to help students our students- delete the first 'students'
    and yet- and yet,
    literature paper- literature paper,
    their students- they have moved from 'our' to 'their'. I'd replace 'their students' with 'them'
    sit for the paper- I'd say 'sit for it' as it's clear which paper it is

    an important subject as literature- the importance of a subject like literature
    recapitulated- reformulated
    the gamut- range/scope

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