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    Indicative Mood

    I suggest that he study. Present subjunctive. Not very common in BrE. More common in AmE
    I suggest that he studies. Present Indicative. Quite common in BrE, Considered sub-standard by some, especially some speakers of AmE.
    I suggest that he should study. Quite common in BrE.
    The above examples are from a member of this forum, however, I still have a question to ask regardless Indicative Mood.

    In the following example, what do you mean by saying it?

    I suggest that he studies.
    Please explain Indicative Mood. In this link, the author said that he would use Indicative Mood to make factual statements or pose questions. But I think I suggest refers to a suggestion, doesn't it?

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    Re: Indicative Mood

    In AmE, the verb "suggest" calls for the mandative subjunctive: "I suggest that he study."

    I will leave it to someone who advocates the indicative mood to explain that.

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