Hello Everyone !

I try to write an english linkedIn profile. It would be very nice if someone could take a look at my text.
I talk about my experiences, it is not really a resume, it is just a career path.

Thanks in advance for the help !

- pierakim -

My main goal is to have a rewarding and challenging career experience. Learn at every moment.
Being an IT engineer gives me a great opportunity to gain more knowledge, but also to approach various functional fields to which I want to go.

BNP CIB - IT Commando Front Office

XYZ is a developer’s team playing a key role within BNP CIB.

• Credit data repository: All data from the different Front/Middle Office applications (Summit, Calypso, Markit, AAA, Bloomberg, Reuters) are retrieved in XYZ, processed and redistributed to the various services (pricers, consultations, stress tests…). Most of the credits data are available at D+1, we administer a production chain under a scheduler with many processes (C#, SSIS, batch).
• In close contact with front office actor on the credit perimeter (traders and analyst). I provided tools and applications to facilitate the work of the front office teams (contributions, ratings from different). In addition, XYZ provide technical support and maintenance of IT for ends users necessary to make the
system fully operational.

Advanced skills :
- Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012,
- SQL Server 2012, SYBASE 15, ASE iSql. SQL Management Studio 2012,
- C# 3.5, 4.0
- SSIS 2008/2010

Few examples of subjetcs :
- Initially, the entire production line is supported by Sybase 15. All IT solutions (C# & SSIS mainly) are backed up by Sybase. My main goal was to migrate from Sybase to SQL Server 2012 with all the hardship triggered (set up of a parallel production on a new SQL server under Control-M scheduler and respect for Sybase production),
- Development of an IT solution in C# WPF MVVM for deployment and archiving SSIS packages from TFS to production server,
- Recovery, integration and redistribution of canadian bond (CANDEAL - supplier of electronic marketplaces for fixed income and swaps Canadian interest rates) with an SSIS solution,
- Recovery, integration and redistribution of LCDX (constituents composite + CDS) from NY Marketdata. All the data model was revised, a close cooperation with NY was required,
- Establishment of a web service to recover data from Markit. At baseline, we have many solution (C# & SSIS) questioning Markit server in our production line. A good optimization was to set up only one webservice for all the solution,
- Custumer support for all kind of problems such as bugs in a critical process, slowdown in database for any reason, be mindfull of the needs of customers for futures developments...
I have to investigate, resolve and inform the customer. Lot of our process are critical, so time is against us,
- Manage a control-M chain. I have to set up a lot of jobs from scratch (setup the job under control-M, implement the process (SSIS, C#, batch) and plug the process in control-M,
- Managing Sybase and SQL Server 2012 database. Adding views, stored procedure and new tables to meet the demands of new processes for our customers.

Our team is very close to users. An hotline is available and I am reachable at any times if there is a problem (creation/update of bonds for NY, HK, Paris, production line with many processes running at different time of the day and night).

NumberOne – IT Developer
Development, maintenance and improvement of a commercial application for the company
NumberOne. The objective of the application is to provide users all the products from NumberOne
(commercials, ads ..) and manage the billing of the products.
I have been participating in all phases of the project life: solution design, functional and technical
specifications, development, drafting and passage of unit testing, integration, validation, quality,
delivery and customer management anomalies.

Advanced skills : Establishment and optimization of complex algorithms in C/C++, implementation
of HMI in C++ with MFC in Visual Studio, evolution and update of the Oracle
database, report of bugs, technical support to the project owner.

Few examples of topics :
- Collection requirements from the NumberOne customer.
- Functional Writing and technical specifications regarding the expectations of customers,
- Establishment of a new product,
- Adding / Modifying a GUI,
- Code Optimization,
- Redesign project from scratch.
- Responsible for the quote creation process in the application:
- Integration of the iTextSharp DLL to the application generating quote to the customer (the goal was to remove the Word DLL for quote generation),
- Implementation of an XSLT script (5000 lines) to retrieve data from an XML file for the establishment of the estimate,
- Managing threads in C # to manage a remote printing anomaly,
- Evolution of the structure of the XML model in C # (design and implementation of tags, attributes, ...)
- Establishment and development of HIM under Visual Studio 2005 with technology. Net 2.0 MFC,
- Implementation of new classes for the application (Application contains more than 150 classes)
- Managing the Oracle database v.10 :
Under SQLDevelopper: adding tables, columns and insert new data in the database.
Under Visual Studio: recovery data with SQL and treatment of the data.
- Evolution of the functional side of the application. Adding new products (a new product in the
database means a new treatment to implement the application), treatment of these new products
through a structure set up by the client (as an example, there are dynamics arrays retrieving all the
necessary data and processing the data in C).
- Responsible for the delivery to the customer. Respect of the delivery process and validation as for
the deliverable.