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    What do part.../...situated.../shallow portion mean in the paragraph?

    Hi -

    Need the help to understand appropriately on the wordings or context marked in bold in the following paragraph? Here is my guessing based on the context. If incorrect, please correct me.

    In part means, gradually.
    Situated means, located or seated
    Shallow portion near Rome, I surrenderred for this one though I googled. Am still not able to figure out what it means.

    "Rome grew from a village to an empire in part because the city was protected from enemy attack. Rome is situated along the banks of the Tiber River about fifteen miles inland from the sea. The Tiber has a ford, or shallow portion near Rome. The ford made it impossible for large seagoing ships to attack the city, but experienced Roman sailors could navigate the Tiberís waters in smaller ships. Seven hills surround Rome. The hills made it harder for invaders to reach the city and served as lookout areas for the ancient Romans. Rome is also close to excellent farmland and an abundance of wood and stone, so the Romans had the resources to supply a large army. "

    Many thanks!!

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    Re: What do part.../...situated.../shallow portion mean in the paragraph?

    in part means 'to some extent' or 'partly'.

    situated means 'located'.

    shallow portion near Rome explains 'a ford'.

    A ford is a section of a river which is shallow enough for people to cross by wading or for vehicles to cross without being flooded or swept away.

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