Poll: I was tired ___ I went to bed.

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Thread: So\Because

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    Re: So\Because

    ı think the answer is C

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    Re: So\Because

    Quote Originally Posted by noar View Post
    If want to give explination of why i went to bed
    so use because.

    I went to bed because I was tired

    that's right or not?
    The blank is provided after 'I was tired'. what is expected is the result of this. therefore the answer must be 'so', which denotes the result. if the blank had been given like this:
    I went to bed ---------- I was tired
    then, the answer would have been 'because', which denotes the reason.

    When answering questions, it is better not to change the structure or syntax of sentences. try to find answers that suit the given structure. that is the expected method. isn't it so, tdol?

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    Re: So\Because

    % "so"

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    Smile Re: So\Because

    the more approriate answer would be "so" not beacuse.

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    Re: So\Because

    Agree with you

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    Re: So\Because

    i was tired so i went to the bed.

    the answer is so - because .........here if we use because to fill the blank the sentence would mean - that i got tired because i went to bed.

    to understand this use cause effect relationship....

    Cause- i was tired
    Effect-so i went to the bed.

    if we use because....
    Cause- i went to the bed
    Effect-i was tired .........which sounds ridiculous

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    Re: So\Because

    Yes, you are right, Julesrules. The given sentence was "I was tired so i went to bed. If we put it this way. "I was tired because I went to bed." Who gets tired of going to bed? Although, "I went to bed because i was tired," is correct.

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    Re: So\Because


    I believe this is SO, too. I was tired so I went to bed. This doesn't good: I was tired BECAUSE I went to bed.

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    Wink Re: So\Because

    I think the world "so " is correct, because is an a question tag

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    Wink Re: So\Because

    In my opinion "So" is a right choice

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