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    Can someone help me?

    Hi dear friends,

    I'm making sentence with "help", but i'm not sure.

    Could you tell me what sentence is true/false in below?

    1. Who helps you to do exercise?
    2. Who does help you to do exercise?

    Thanks in adv.
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    Re: Can someone help me?

    Hello Conan

    #1 is the normal form; #2 is the emphatic, less common form.

    "Who helps you to practise your press-ups?"
    "MissX helps me."

    "Who helps you to practise your press-ups? Is it MissX?"
    "No, it isn't MissX."
    "Is it MissY?"
    "No, it isn't MissY either."
    "Who does help you, then?"
    "MissZ, of course."

    See you around,

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    Re: Can someone help me?

    Dear Mr.Pedantic,
    Thank you very much for your promt reply.
    Now, I understand.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Best regards.


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