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    the trimmed hydrostatics?

    It is me again.

    KMT shall be taken from the trimmed hydrostatics.

    What does the trimmed hydrostatics mean?

    Thank you.

    It also applies to the Inclining Test Procedure.

    More context.

    Please note the following for the preparation of the inclining test report:
    - the GM shall be obtained applying the “least square method” (linear regression) on the points in the inclining diagram.
    - KMT shall be taken from the trimmed hydrostatics.
    - the sounding/ullage values for all tanks including liquids are to be listed in the report.
    - a reference to the sounding table applied for finding the volumes in the tanks is to be given in the report (and made available to class for checking).

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    Re: the trimmed hydrostatics?

    Jacek, do you know how to use a search engine?

    There is something about trimmed hydrostatics here:

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