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    The dissertation bachground

    Could you please check this passage?
    Nowadays with consider of increasing the population in the whole different parts of the world and with notice the increasingly needs of humanity to energy, transportation, residency, and etc. they want produce more and more facility and their welfare.
    For example in transportation the fuel consumption is very important and people effort to decrease the fuel consumption and having higher speed with pass shorter route that in this matter, however they innovated the high quality transporter machine but in the same time they try to make the better infrastructure for that machine for example in some high populated or mountains area with digging a tunnel they made way with shorter distance. Moreover digging kilometers and kilometers tunnel under ground to build the underground train system (metro) for city daily transportation and even under the sea and of another expensive and necessary energy is electricity which is we spend our whole life with that.
    Before start nuclear energy electricity produced by hydropower system which is one of the clean and reproducible systems. However today technology spread very fast but it is not possible to all of the world have nuclear energy, and most of the countries still use the hydropower system in order to electricity producer.
    As you know for this system we need a powerful water flow and with handmade dame that collect the water flow and by a tunnel transport in an electric power hose to produce electricity.
    Srilanka is a country that need electricity same as the other country and it need and necessary. With consideration srilanka having a lot of water flow and electricity is in minimum possible amount and also is expensive and so on srilanka can locate in much better situation for power with use of the hydropower system. Certainly such this project includes massive different sections projective and one of that important section projects is water transporting tunnel.
    So with above explanation we have decided to research about this area and especially searching about tunnel section and will see what going on in that.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: The dissertation bachground

    I suspect that you are using sentences that you don't fully understand. I suggest that you repost that using simpler, shorter sentences and that you put paragraph breaks in the text.

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