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    war window

    Hello again to all teachers and professors,
    excuse me for my weak English, but I can't understand meaning of "war window ..." idiom in the Shutter island movie. I copy some part of that dialog here from

    Teddy Daniels: Excuse me, patient. One Rachel Solando, escaped some time in the last twenty four hours?
    Shutter Island Quotes5Dr. John Cawley: Last night, between then and midnight.
    Chuck Aule: Is she considered dangerous?
    Dr. John Cawley: You could say that. She killed all three of her children. She drowned them in the lake behind her house. She took them out one by one, held their heads under until they died, then she bought them back inside and arranged them round the kitchen table. She ate a meal there before a neighbor dropped by.
    Teddy Daniels: And what about the husband?
    Dr. John Cawley: He died, on the beaches of Normandy. She's a war widow. She starved herself when she first came here. She insisted the children weren't dead

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    Re: war window

    It's "war widow" not "war window". It means that her husband was killed fighting in a war, in this case the Second World War.
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