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    RESULT-----ME vs I

    Hello!. How are you?. Have a marvelous Saturday! Thanks in advance!

    Two questions:

    "They forced me to get married. The RESULT was that "she
    and I" had a stormy relationship".

    a.- Is "Result" used correctly here?. Or maybe should I use
    "consequence"? I´m asking you because maybe "result"
    is more commonly used in football matches, exams and so

    b.- Sometimes I´ve heard to say: "She and me". "She and I".

    I don´t know if there is really any difference between
    using ME and I. Can you tell me which one I should
    use here and which rule, if there´s one, I should follow?

    Thanks a million!

    Enjoy tonight!


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    Re: RESULT-----ME vs I

    "result" works.

    When writing, use "I" for subjects and "me" for objects. Like this,

    Subject: Max and I sent Pat a gift.
    Object: Pat sent Max and me a gift.

    Replace plural subjects with "We" and plural objects with "us":

    Plural subject: We sent Pat a gift.
    Plural object: Pat sent us a gift.

    When speaking,

    Formal: Max and I sent Pat a gift.
    Informal: Me and Max sent Pat a gift. <"Me" first: more emphasis on you>
    Informal: Max and me sent Pat a gift. <"me" second: less emphasis on you>

    Hope that helps.

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