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    Vocabulary -Grammar

    I am sorry _____ you when you're studying butcan you help me with my essay?

    Manystudents ________, part time jobs in the summer?
    c) arehaving

    Hisopinion is ________ hers?
    a)different that
    b) thesame that
    c) thesame as
    d) thedifferent from

    Couldyou _______ me your notes?

    b) lend
    c) take

    WhenKamal got a part time job, he stopped _______?

    d) tostudy

    Sheused to study English, with a private tutor every day but he ________ toEngland last month?

    a) wasmoving back
    b) hasmoved back
    c)moves back
    d)moved back

    Wewere in the office for at least 15 min waiting _____________ arrive.

    a) forthe professor
    b) theprofessor to
    d) forthe professor to

    Readtext carefully and answer the question based on each text.

    Everybodywho experience a new culture suffers from culture shock to some degree. Thefirst thing to do is remember that this is normal and that it will go away withtime, People from your culture can provide support and familiarity - but don`trely on them too much as you will miss a lot of opportunities to get to knowthe people from the country you are now visiting or living in. This is a uniqueexperience so you should immerse yourself and learn as much as you can.
    Youwill especially need to learn the language. Get used to the slang and the speednative speakers speak. Even people who have studied a language for many yearsare often shocked at how little they know. Don`t worry it will get easier!

    Cultureshock is a form of stress and there are many things and there are many thingsyou can do to help reduce this. If you like team sports you will be able tomeet new friends with common interests . If you are not sporty, try an artsclass or any other hobby where you can meet other people and unwind. There willbe lots of things you want to do and places to explore but remember to try torelax as well.

    Rememberit won`t always be easy but neither will it always be hard. Your are not alonein feeling culture shock- it`s natural - so allow yourself to feel sad andunsettled. It`s important to keep in contact with friends and family back homeso that you can talk about your culture shock.

    Ifthere are things you don`t understand about your new culture, find ways todiscuss them with people you know in your new country, Think about why you cameto the country in the first place and what you want to achieve there. Yourgoals may change or you might not achieve them all but the important thing isto enjoy the moment as much as you can.

    Thebest way to learn a language is to live in a country that speaks that language?
    a) True

    Socialisingcan help reduce culture shock
    a) True
    c) Notgiven

    Try tounderstand everything about new culture.
    a) True

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    Re: Vocabulary -Grammar

    Far too many ill-formed questions. Not going to bother. One question at a time please.

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    Re: Vocabulary -Grammar

    This is clearly your homework, Selvije, which we are not going to do.

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