Hello. I took the Russian text and translated into English. Can anyone verify? If anyone dare to help - then learns many interesting things about physics.

The fundamental constants of physics

I will tell you about the fundamental constants of physics.
The author of this article is Lev Borisovich Okun.
The choice of the fundamental constants are most important for the fundamental physics.
Let's convince in this.

For example, we play with the speed of light.
The speed of light is equal 3 in multiply 10 to power 10 centimeters in second.
We will know, that the world will change radically from that
1) Let the speed of light is on ten orders more than the usual speed of light.
In this case, the photon energy will not change as it is determined by the atomic energy levels.
But the photon will have the impulse k on the ten orders less:
And as the probability of emission of a photon by an excited atom is proportional to k to power two multiply on differential from k:
P~k^2 dk
That the time of a emission of a photon by atom exceeds the age of the universe!
In other words, photons would exist very few
And it means that a light bulb and the sun was not.
Therefore, evolution does not create to a man of eyes.
You can say it.
Most likely life is not.
2) Let the velocity of light is less on the two order
Then the rest energy of an electron in an atom is equal to the mass of the electron multiplied on the speed of light in the square
E=m_(e ) c^2
It would be comparable to the energy of binding of an electron in an atom.
If the speed of light is continuing to decrease, the rest energy becomes less than the binding energy.
Because of the so-called confinement of a electron comes
In nature would not be free electrons.
And if electrons are not then и current will not be.
It means the end of all electric power industry.

Let us give another example.
If difference masses between a proton and a neutron would be on one megaelectronvolts less, then hydrogen atom would not be stable.
A electron and a proton decay on a neutron and an electron neutrino.
As a result, helium atoms would be the primary substance in the world, but not hydrogen atoms.
Because of it, stars did not exist long time, and they soon would explode.
Life would be impossible by many reasons.
To Similar effects small weighting of mass of an electron will lead.
If we are to change other physical constants, we will face again with the same - us and our the world would not exist.
At least how we know the world now.
Therefore, one way or another, we come to the so-called anthropic principle.
This principle states that the universe we see such, because only in such the universe would be an observer, or in other words a human.