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Thread: Multiple Choice

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    Talking Multiple Choice

    Please give the answer along with the detailed explanation of the following multiple choice. Appreciate your help!

    1.It was only when they had eaten all the food that they finally —————from the table. up B.left behind C.went away D.stood on

    2.In the past decades, the farms of the world have__________succeeded in producing enough food to feed all of the planet's people.
    A.relrvantly B.externally C.utterly D.virtually

    3.I'm __________enough to know it is going to be a very difficult situation to compete against three strong teams.
    A.relistic B.conscious C.aware D.radical

    4.Before he started work , I asked the builder to give me an _________of the cost of repairing the roof
    A.assessment B.announcement C.estimate D.evaluation

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    Re: Multiple Choice

    This looks like homework, Raiph. How about attempting them yourself first?

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