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Tarheel, finally I have noticed the comma. Thank you. :)

I have one more question... Does this highlighted phrase look good? I need a synonym for "knowledge".

" Another important point for me is that NNN unites diverse laboratories. So I would be able to communicate with different researchers, learn what problems they are working on and what they have discovered, thereby increasing my awareness of developments in the field. I believe that dialogue between various research fields is essential for for solving important problems."
You simply can't talk about awareness (except in a neurological context) without mentioning what that awareness is about. Thus, you would say: awareness of. Similarly, "progress" doesn't normally stand on its own. You have to talk about progress in the medical field, for example. Overall, you are doing quite well. (It's hard for me to find errors.)

P.S. You can always find synonyms at dictionary.com.