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    "Which" as a determiner or a pronoun


    I am wondering if "which" is a determiner in the way it used in the following sentence:

    1.-"A" is used when the listeners do not know which specific instance is being referredto.

    Let us suppose "which" is a relative pronoun
    Please look at the following sentences:
    2.-Although she did not mention any names, everyone knew who she was referring to.
    3.-My husband said that he is angry because I said something mean yesterday, but I do not know what he is referring to.

    Is the usage of Who and What similar to the usage of Which in my first sentence?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: "Which" as a determiner or a pronoun

    "Which" is not a relative pronoun in your original sentence. It functions as a determiner/adjective and modifies "specific instance".

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