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    fish & fruit

    I seem to have been storing up difficult questions for quite a while, and now I'm asking one after another. This one concerns 'fruit' & 'fish', two nouns which can take either plural or singular form depending on the meaning. Which verb is to be used in the following sentence - singular or plural?
    E.g. There is (are) a lot of fish in the river.
    We're not talking about sorts of fish, so it's definitely not 'fishes', but is the whole bulk of fish meant in the sentence given (and then the verb should be singular) or not?
    And one more question about 'fruit'. Which form is correct?
    1. Fruit is/are healthy.
    2. We import fruit(s) from different countries. It comes from Spain, France and the Netherlands. / They come from...
    Can both ways be possible in the second sentence? What does it depend on? I looked up several books on this topic, but can't see things straight so far.
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: fish & fruit

    I would use "There is a lot of fish".

    I would use "Fruit" is healthy.

    For your third, both work for me.
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