I'm thinking to buy a domain name for my website, which is bit boring looking one on homepage.ntlworld.com/darsh25

I wonder if anyone around could possibly help me choose the domain name in the format:


I wish to choose a name whereby the domain name itself gives away the hint of the subject matter (Alcohol) of the website, however, at the same time, I wish to have a domain name which look professional, at the same time.

Can anyone hence provide me with the list of any alcohol related (in the order of preference):

>> sayings
>> phrases
>> words

I'd so far thought of:

>> www.intoxicated.co.uk
>> www.amberNectar.co.uk
>> www.aboveProof.co.uk

Basically, I want a RATHER CLEVER name here, something that's not only an attention-grabbing but also professional & shows some sort of link with alcohol (obviously).

Any recommendation or help would be greatly appreciated.