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    Lightbulb What is the meaning of "Cuddle up weather" and "low 50s"?

    Hey guys,
    I've heard it in a TV series called "izombie".

    A weather man is talking and he says:
    That high pressure system is gonna move right through here and with it comes the cuddle-up weather, folks. Start making that hot cocoa. We're talking low 50s.

    I don't understand the meaning of underlined parts although I've got some clues.
    I think cuddle-up weather means cold and rainy weather, is it true?
    And about low 50s, I know that he is talking about degrees but does he mean that the weather degree would be below 50 C? If I am right, I think it's a bit weird, cause 50 C is I think kind of hot.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: What is the meaning of "Cuddle up weather" and "low 50s"?

    Not A Teacher

    I think the TV show you are referring to is made in the USA, in which case they use the Fahrenheit temperature scale, 50 degrees on that scale is equivalent to 10 degrees Centigrade. How cold you think that is depends on your point of view, I am from the UK and it does not seem to bad too bad to me.

    Cuddle-up weather does refer to weather that is cold, implying you would be better to stay inside close to your loved ones. Another similar phrase would be snuggle-up weather.

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