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    Question come/go/pass by


    I was writing an email to someone in England and I am not sure whethere I should say I will 'come' to England or I will 'go' to England.

    The paragraph is:

    I am 'going/coming' to England next week for a few days before I go to dublin. There is a possibility that I will 'pass by' England again before I go to Russia.

    I mean to say there is a possibility that I will spend a couple more days in England before I go back to Russia.

    Is is it correct to use 'pass by' here and what changes shall I make to the paragraph?

    Many thanks

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    Re: come/go/pass by

    Hello Svetlana

    Since the addressee lives in England, it would be more usual to say "I am coming to England". If you were writing to a friend in France, on the other hand, you would say "I am going to England".

    "Pass by" isn't quite right; you might say "pass through England again", or "stop off in England again", or "spend a couple of days in England again".

    See you around,


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