A company is going to give some money either to support the art or to protect environment. Which do you think the company should choose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sponsorsí supports are very worthwhile for developing of cities/countries. Financial aids help to develop almost every aspects of the economy, and every person should respect and appreciate sponsors work. If I were the director of the company, I would prefer give money in order to protect environment than to support art, because I think that health is the most important for people. However, I think that art also is important.

In my opinion, education, including school education, art, sightseeing, is necessary for people to develop their mental abilities, to make correct decisions, to work and earn their living and provide their families. So supporting art would increase the level of community. I know the importance of it, however, I also know, that our community has more important, I can say even vital, question to be solved. This question is our environment, its protection and clearness. People cannot continue their existence with only high education people need more-health.

Pollution is global problem, scientist make any effort to create new devices, which pollute less than nowadays devices, because they realize, that pollution endangers our health and life. However, it costs a lot of money, my community needs to be supported in this question, and the company can invest money and help to avoid health problems. In this way, the company would help not only us, but the next generations as well.

I think that company should give money, in order to make our environment clear and nice. They can expand green areas, which will bring clear air. Besides, they can make new playing fields for children. I think it is very important for my community. My country already has developed art, talented people, so this field does not need much investment.

I think for my community, it would be better to support to protect our environment, increase the number of trees, make new parks and so on, than support art. I know that art is very important, but it already has high level in my country.