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    accelerate amounts


    could anyone please help me with the underiline part? what does it convey?

    Significance is achieved when the costs are large enough to make an appreciable difference in the LCC of a project alternative. For calculation purposes, costs are entered as base-year amounts in today’s dollars. The LCCA method is then applied, which accelerates these amounts to their future year of occurrence and then discounts them back to the base date to convert them to current dollar values.


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    Re: accelerate amounts

    My best guess is that it is trying to predict future costs (accelerate ... to the future year) based on costs "in today's dollars."

    (They then "discount" these costs back to "current dollar values" which would seem to me to return you back to the figures you started with. But I'm no accountant. I guess somehow "today's dollars" are different from "current dollar values.")

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