Hi! I want to send an e-mail with some questions about an Internacional Program to a Community College and I would apreciate it if someone could check it first.

If there is any grammar mistakes or repeated words/sentenses you can, please, correct them.

This is the e-mail:
Dear Sr. or Madam,
I am interested in applying to the English Language Studies Program (ELSP) in order to improve my English skills and I am also interested in applying to the Internacional Student Academic Program (ISAP) to earn a two-year associate degree and have the opportunity to transfer to four-year colleges and universities afterward.
Fist, I would greatly apreciate it if you could inform what are the necessary requeriments for admission into the English Language Studies Program (ELSP)?
Second, Could you please inform if I can make ELSP after ISAP? If so, how much would it be necessary to invest in both?
To conclude, I would like to know if you have Internacional Scholarship? In the case of an affirmative reply, I would be grateful if you could send more information about it.

Thank you for your time.