Hi all!
Please check my short essay to see if it corresponds to the following checklist.

Topic question: what is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". This is a quite different film. It has everything a good movie should have but the plot is really disturbing especially for the time it came out. It is a story of young lad Alex whose interests are committing acts of violence and robbing random people around London in the near future. Eventually he gets caught by the police after his friends betray him and goes to the correctional facility. The government makes experiments on him and cures his violence, but after that he becomes vulnerable to the violence of other people and then they cure him back to be normal violent person again. I think the main idea of the film is the trying to explain the nature of violence among teenagers and the explanation is that it is a normal behavior while all society is violent.

Checklist :
The talk answers the topic question.
The point of view or position is clear.
The talk is direct and well-organized.
The sentences are logically connected.
Details and examples support the main idea.
The speaker expresses complete thoughts.
The meaning is easy to comprehend.
A wide range of vocabulary is used.
There are only minor errors in grammar.