It's been a while since I wrote an essay and I kinda want to know how bad/good my writing skills are. Could anyone please kindly comment on my essay below and let me know of any mistakes?

Should students whose first language is not English and who are new to the western school system not have to write English placements tests in order to get into college or university? Why or why not?

Throughout human history, human intelligence has been continuously improving. This is only possible with the existence of a language and a way for human to store information. Without the ability the understand the information, it will difficult for someone to learn. This also applies in modern society. To benefit from the current Western school education, students need to have adequate ability to digest the knowledge that is being passed to them and that includes the ability to understand the language that is used to convey information. In western countries, that language will be English. This creates the needs for school to assess studentsí English ability before students can enter college or university.

It is hard to imagine a student who doesnít understand the language learning a non-scientific subject in which things cannot be represented by digits or pictures. For decades, writing has been the only method to pass information to future generations and it is a method that the western education still relies on quite heavily today. That is an obvious reason to say that students need to know the language to absorb the knowledge in the books that they read. Especially in college and university level, students start learning subjects in a deeper level which naturally brings more complex topics into their discussions, hence more complex application of the English language too. An English assessment test will ensure that universities and colleges accept only students who will be able to learn in such an environment.

In addition, the current western education system encourages proactive learning where students should try to discover information on their own, brainstorm with their peers and ask questions to instructors. It is almost impossible to do all that effectively without a good command of the language. If a studentís English skills are lacking, it will be hard to understand what the student reads, what the instructors talk about in the class, participate actively in discussions and, in the end, the outcome will not be as great as other students with better language skills. This also creates a less-than-optimal learning environment for other students because their struggle with English may interrupt the teaching process. Teachers will have to spend some time to help students with English problems rather than dedicating the time to teach subjects that they are supposed to learn. By imposing a language test on school applicants, universities and colleges are also doing the students a favor such that only the students who are ready and have the necessary prerequisite can enter the schools.

Since the delivery of the information is carried out in English, it is very critical for potential students to know the language in order to learn in school. At the same time, to fit in the western education system, create a constructive learning environment and benefit from it optimally, fluency in English will be a necessity. Those two reasons alone are sufficient to support a language assessment test to measure a studentís English ability before they enter college or university.