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    the tense

    Hello, there
    Would you please tell me which answer to the following question is correct? I asked about it here the day before yesterday, but I didn't get the answer because it was homework. I am sorry I didn't explain clearly. It was homework, but it was not mine. It was my niece's.Why I want to know the answer is that I want to learn, not that I want to do homework for my niece. I think it should be Answer A, but my friend said Answer B is grammatically correct. I don't know if she is right. Maybe both are OK. Please help me.Thank you.

    You had better go ask Aunt Lily ________. She has cried for almost two hours. She didn't want to tell me when I asked her.

    (A) what's wrong (B) what's been wrong

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    Re: the tense

    Sorry, lisa, but we don't do homemork via third parties, either.

    When your niece has had her homework marked, she can join the forum herself and ask us to comment on her teacher's remarks if she doesn't understand them.

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