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    I have a question about the usage of the verb "brace". According most dictionaries, "brace" means physically support something. Suppose I write this:

    The flat roof is braced with steel beams.
    In what direction does the steel beams "brace" the roof? Are the steel beams parallel to the roof? Or are the beams perpendicular to the flat side of the roof, like a column supporting a roof?

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    Re: Brace

    I am not a teacher.

    It's difficult to say. The word brace doesn't in itself indicate any particular direction. It's something meant to strengthen or support a thing that is weak.

    If supporting the flat roof one could infer that the braces are upright, or diagonal.
    If strengthening the flat roof, they would probably be cross braces.

    In short, you need more context and or adjectives to be sure what is meant.

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